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Well, yeah, I was a fencer when I started the whole fighting thing. It seemed like a cool thing, very swash, very buckle. Tights and tunic, little moustache, curly hair. Jump on tables. I fenced using a chair once and the other guy took the chair and broke my jaw with it.

Let me explain something about fencing. It's all about taking a long piece of metal and poking holes in people with it. Little holes. And if the other guy's wearing armour, that's too bad for you, isn't it? And if he's got a longer sword, that's too bad. And if he gets in past the point of your blade, that's too bad. And what if he's some tough bruiser who doesn't care if he's got little holes in him? What if he's a fast little rat who whips around behind you? If you're lucky, you get your jaw broken.

So now I make exploding potions. Very swish, very boom. I recommend them.

– Astan, Ex-Fencer

A melee combat Weapon Skill, that uses weapons that consist of a "piercing/jabbing" action.

The damage for most fencing weapons is calculated predominately with few dice where as Swordsmanship is predominately calculated with more dice (2-3). Thus fencing has a more varied damage distribution.

  • Pros:

-The weapons can be poisoned.

-Has the fastest and highest DOT (damage over time) 2-handed weapon (Short Spear).

  • Cons"

-No stamina drain bonus attack that Mace Fighting has.

-Not the hardest hitting weapon class.

Popular Weapons:

  • Short Spear: The fastest hitting 2-h weapon, also has the highest DOT for 2-handed weapon
  • Spear: A little slower than the short spear, yet has the potential to hit a little harder
  • Kryss: The fastest and highest DOT single handed fencing weapon.
  • War Fork: A fast and high damage single handed weapon

Training Fencing

You will need several daggers, recommend 100 dex. Hire a fighter NPC from Jhelom or somewhere else and fight them, healing them and yourself. Replace your broken dagger as needed. Repeat until GM.