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Musicianship is the skill used to play an instrument and to determine if an instrument is played successfully or not. Enticement, Peacemaking and Provocation are dependant from the Musicianship skill.

Using the skill

Double click on your instrument. A music sample will play if you succeed, an ugly noise will occur if you fail. The skill is also checked automatically each time you try to use one of the three specialized bard skills: Enticement, Peacemaking, or Provocation.

Macroing Musicianship

Macroing musicianship is really easy. First start off by purchasing as many instruments as you can afford (although 10-20 should be enough.) Next, set a macro to do the following:

Use Item Type (instrument you purchased)
Pause 1000 (1 second)


You can go from 0 - 100 skill using this method.