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Peacemaking is a Bard skill used to "Peace" a creature. When successful, the music that you play will relax the target and prevent them from fighting. To be successful with Peacemaking you will need the Musicianship skill. This skill goes great with Animal Taming or Treasure Hunting.


The range of all bard skills is 8 tiles, each 15 points in the skill increases the range by a single tile. Bards have to be within the range of the target to use the ability on it or it will fail. Bards must remain within their range or the effects of the skill will wear off.


Activate and you may be prompted to select an instrument on first use, instruments are not automatically selected so you have to set your instrument once the first time. You will be presented with a target reticle, select the creature and if successful, the creature will stop moving and attacking. Attacking the target too often or leaving it's optimal distance will break the creatures peaceful status.


File:Drum.png Drum File:Lap harp.png Lap Harp File:Lute.png Lute
File:Standing harp.png Standing Harp] File:Tambourine.png Tambourine File:Tambourine tassel.png Tambourine (tassel)

Recommended Leveling

0-50: Buy from NPC.
50-100: Use Peacemaking Skill on self or ground.

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