Shard Downloads

The UO Player is just as varied in real life as they are in game. Below are various options to fetch the shard files, please select one. The Installer is  the recommended method for windows based users. 

Installer (Recommended)

This is a full install package, just select your desired path and click install.

.ZIP File

You will need Winzip or a compatible program to open .zip extension files

How to: Downloading / Installing / Playing


1) Click the 'Download Installer' button :
2) You may close out the Dialog asking you to sign in :
3) Select 'download' on the dropbox file preview :
4) If your web browser warns you, select 'keep' or 'proceed' :


1) If your computer prompts you, select 'More Info', the files are perfectly safe. :
2) Select 'Run Anyway' :
3) Click 'Install' and let the setup process complete :
4) Close the setup dialog out and navigate to the path you installed Ye Olde Sphere :


1) Select one of the following options based on your preference :