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Here are some facts relating to time in Ultima Online:

  • Time in Britannia passes quickly compared to our Earth time.
  • In 2 Earth hours an entire Britannian day will have passed.
  • Twelve Britannian days makes one Earth day.
  • Just as on Earth, a Britannian year has twelve months.
  • Each Britannian month, however, consists of 73 days.
  • This makes a Britannian year last 876 Britannian days, which is 73 Earth days.
  • One Earth year equals five Britannian years.
  • The release date of Ultima Online was in the Britannian year 289.

Main Plot

Feb 36, 318 After a chase trough Britannia, Mariah, Julia and the leader of the FoA are found in Dungeon Shame by Halston Montil and a party of adventurers helping him. They get to the Leader just in time to save him from the wrath of G’Thunk, the infamous troll, but Julia is killed in the short fight that follows.
Nov 63, 318 The nature of the black pentagrams is revealed as wisps of darkness emerge from them. Warriors rush in to protect Britannia from these abominations, and a battle of epic proportions occurs. As is the correct order of things, Good prevails, and the surviving Followers and their allies are crushed
Sep, 318 A suspected collaborator of the FoA is interrogated near Skara Brae. The information reveals the existence of black pentagrams.
Jul, 318 Trinsic and Jhelom repel forces under control of the Followers. When the fighting stops with few losses, the true goal of the attacks is discovered: Draw the attention of the guards away from Minoc and Moonglow, where smaller parties kidnapped Julia and Mariah.
May, 318 An attempt is made on the life of a FoA member imprisonned in Yew. The same poison used in previous FoA-related murders renders the criminal delirious after the Sages succesfully slow it’s action down. A few days later, a cure is found and a life is saved.
Mar, 318 Over the course of several days, the surviving Followers of Armageddon members who were held in Serpent’s Hold, are transfered by ship to Trinsic and then to Yew, where they will await trial. Unfortunately, their supporters organise ambushes on the escorters and succeed in freeing some of them.
Jan 73, 318 Lord Blackthorn finally comes back in Britannia, after being stranded on a strange land by the liches Lathiary and Kyrnia.
Aug 18, 318 The Followers of Armageddon (previously the Zog Cabal), are officially outlawed by the King. Rewards are offered for their capture, and the Hunt begins.
Apr 22, 318 Massive earthquakes shake the all of Britannia. It can only be assumed that the Zog Cabal made an attempt at casting the Armageddon spell, but failed, fortunately. It is later discovered that the tremors have opened passages to what looks like a new world…
Aug 30, 317 Crawworth and Sage Winslow engage in an outspoken battle to prove to the citizens of the land the reality, or lack thereof, of the FoA threat.
Mar, 317 The Relics of Mondain are stolen from the Counselor Guild in Britain, where they were displayed.
Feb 36, 317 A Wake for Sage Humbolt, who willingly gave his life for his people, is celebreated in Britain.
Oct 40, 316 Sage Humbolt find a way to destroy the evil Liche duo forever, but that will also mean his death. Nevertheless, he is prepared for the sacrifice, and finds his last rest in the bottom of Dungeon Deceit.
Sep 17, 316 The search for Juo’Nar finally pays, and the murderous criminal is besieged in his home town of Ocllo. After a tough fight, he is put to death at last, his bloody fist will no longer hold the citizens of the realm in terror.
Mar 11, 316 An uneasy peace settles over Britannia, but the fight is not over yet. As Sage Humbolt continues his researchs to end the evil Liche duo, Finth Desryn pursues his investigation of the Zog Cabal and Juo’Nar, the fallen paladin.
Feb 12, 316 The Festival of the Ivory Tusk is celebrated.
Jan 37, 316 Following the announce of a bounty on the heads of the troll brothers, G’Thunk and G’Splat, citizens of the realm defeat G’Splat after a long fight, and on his body find evidence of the trolls receiving outside help for their assaults. G’Thunk escaped his pursuers.
Dec 14, 315 Devastating attacks on every Shrine stretch the security forces to their maximum. A band of creatures waylay a caravan travelling between Trinsic and Skara Brae and slay Tali Desryn, head of the caravan and wife of the newly appointed captain of the Guard of Trinsic, Finth Desryn. It is believed the caravan was transporting weapons and armaments. Juo’Nar took credit for both attacks.
Dec 2, 315 The attacks on Shrines intensify as Orcs and ettins attempt to burn the Shrines of Honour, Humility, Justice and Valor.
Nov 63, 315 Another citizen is arrested in Trinsic in relation to the Zog Cabal, but commits suicide before the local authorities get to interrogate her.
Nov 62, 315 Crawworth, the Captain of the Guard of Trinsic, disappears mysteriously, leaving only a note on his desk saying he is going on a quest to find and expose the Zog Cabal.
Nov 61, 315 One day after the attack on the Shrine of Spirituality, the Shrine of Compassion is also attacked by orcs and lizardmen.
Nov 60, 315 Orcs attack the shrine of Spirituality and set it ablaze. When the orcs are slain and the fire is finally put out, the shrine begins to glow and it rains solid gold in the area.
Nov 15, 315 The First Bank of Britain expands again, this time reaching Jhelom, Skara Brae and Minoc.
Nov 15, 315 Adventurers besiege the Liche Kyrnia in her own tower, and with the help of a sage destroy the corrupted shrinestones and the device she was using to bring undead into this world.
Sep 65, 315 In the same night, the Liche Lathiari attacks Yew, Trolls blockade the northern bridge out of Vesper, and Juo’Nar launches hordes against Trinsic while he himself travels to the Shrine of Spirituality, brutally murders three monks and steals a magical necklace they were most likely imbuing with magical properties. The attacks do not seem related, but the timing indicates otherwise.
Sep 65, 315 A manifesto, signed by the Zog Cabal, is delivered to Lord British and Lord Blackthorn.
Sep 63, 315 During Hartham‘s wake, a Zog Cabalist appears to give an ominous message.
Sep, 315 Duryn murders Hartham (bio).
May, 315 Brother Olic of the Empath Abbey is captured by orcs while transporting the artifacts of Mondain from Vesper to Britain. He is later rescued by adventurers from the dungeon Covetous.
May, 315 The First Bank of Britain expands in Serpent’s Hold, Magincia, Moonglow and Occlo, and opens a second office in some major cities.
Mar 315 The long lost city of Wind is rediscovered.
Mar, 315 The order of Guards of Virtue, wielding Order shields, is founded by Lord British. Blackthorn allows them to wield Chaos shields instead if they choose to do so.
Jan, 315 Strange tombstones engraved with rhymes appear all over the realm. They seem to announce a prophecy.

  • Interpreting the dates: One Britannian year lasts only 2.4 months on Earth. The release of Ultima Online was in the year 314. In 318, new lands were discovered and the 2nd Age began.