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In Game there are various commands that can be used which enable different functions within game. In game you can type ".commands" which will bring up a scroll that will show all the different commands you can use. The table below shows what each command function does.
Skill Title Base Skill Needed
.Website Automatically loads website
.vote Automatically loads Voting Page on Ye Olde Sphere website
.discord Automatically loads discord channel invite
.patch Automatically updates/loads patch for server
.strip Removes all items your character is wearing
.undress Removes all items you are currently wearing
.dress Returns all items you was wearing ( Must use .undress before to use this command)
.account Tells you the total amount of connection time in minutes
.onlinetime Tells you the total amount of connection time in hours
.gpanic Sends an SOS message on your guild chat of advising you need help and location
.roll You Roll a die and generate a number
.use door Opens singular door
.opendoor Opens singular door
.closedoor Closes singular door that was opened with .opendoor command
.chat/.c After typing .chat/.c your message should be after this command for world chat for everyone to see.
.changelog Opens up scroll and shows the latest/recent changes that have been implimented.
.chaton Turns world chat on
.chatoff Turns world chat off
.drink If you type command .drink it will bring a list of potions you can drink, example .drink cure.
.emotions/.emo/.e A list will appear for different emotions you can use in game
.online A box will appear with all the online players, If they are not set to private you can click the blue orb to compose a message to send in game
.messages Brings up messages people have sent you, you can reply to previous messages.
.iamstuck If you are stuck you can use command and select a town to be teleported to, this takes 5 mins to activate
.reags/.regs Opens window with list of Reagents in your pack
.worldmap/.whereami Opens window with world map including your location
.findhealer Whilst dead this command shows you the nearest healer to resurrect yourself
.help opens Window to contact GM/Admin to report in game issues
.commands Opens Commandlist scroll with list of all commands
.score Currently no function
.duel Opens window to set parameters for a duel
.petlist Opens window showing which pets you have tamed to you, you can summon pet to your location
.sac/.sacall Sacrifices the monsters you have killed and rewards you with reward tokens to be used at reward barrell located at city banks
.toolbar Tool bar appears for you to add items into slot, double click to equip/use item in that slot
.afk Your Character recieves [afk] tag and will automatically say "z"
.where Gives in game location
.hungry Tells you how hungry your character is
.suicide This will instantly kill your character
.password Once activated you can log out of your account and enter a new password
.email A window will appear for an email address to be entered to updates on the server
.houselist Opens window and displays the name, co-ordinates and owner of house. Feature to recall/gate for 250/500gp
.shiplist Opens window and displays the name and co-ordinates. Feature to recall/gate for 250/500gp
.maxskillsum Displays how many skill points you have left to use
.maxstatsum Displays your current stat cap
.maxskillcaps Opens window showing the max skill cap you can reach in any skill
.renamecontainer Rename a container