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There are various magical items that are dropped by monsters, found in special places, or contained in Treasure Chests and Sunken Chests. Below will give you some information on some of them to help explain how they operate.

Item Identification is particularly useful to know the magical properties of certain items, the following are the descriptions of such properties. Keep in mind that items may have more that one prefix or suffix:

Magical Affixes

The AR # before the / indicates the armor's actual Armor Rating for the area that it protects, the # after the slash indicates its contribution to one's total (or combined average) AR (as displayed in the Character Status window). The number before the slash is what actually counts towards AR, the latter number is merely an approximate in-game display. Decimals are rounded to the nearest whole number in-game. NOTE: AR displayed will vary according to the area of your body that the enchanted armor protects.

Listed in order of power, by category. Items may have more than one prefix or suffix.

Armor Enchantments
Prefix Effect
Durable +5 to item HP
Substantial +10 to item HP
Massive +15 to item HP
Fortified +20 to item HP
Indestructible +25 to item HP
Suffix Effect

Key: /+(Neck, Hands), +(Arms, Head, Legs/Feet), +(Body).

Defense +5 / +0.4, +0.7, +2.2 to AR
Guarding +10 / +0.7, +1.4, +4.4 to AR
Hardening +15 / +1.1, +2.1, +6.6 to AR
Fortification +20 / +1.4, +2.8, +8.8 to AR
Invulnerability +25 / +1.8, +3.5, +11.0 to AR
Weapon Enchantments
Prefix Effect
Accurate +5.0 to Tactics or +4.6 to Archery*
Accurate, Surpassingly +10.0 to Tactics or +9.3 to Archery*
Accurate, Eminently +15.0 to Tactics or +14.0 to Archery*
Accurate, Exceedingly +20.0 to Tactics or +18.7 to Archery*
Accurate, Supremely +25.0 to Tactics or +23.3 to Archery*
Durable +10 to item HP
Substantial +20 to item HP
Massive +30 to item HP
Fortified +40 to item HP
Indestructible +50 to item HP
Suffix Effect
Ruin +1 damage
Might +3 damage
Force +5 damage
Power +7 damage
Vanquishing +9 damage

  • The bonus is applied to the Archery Skill level (not to Tactics) if the enchanted weapon is a bow or crossbow.

Enchantment to Spell Conversions

Only spell-like enchantments who's effects are not immediately obvious by their name are listed. Spell-like enchantments may be present on a variety of items and consume energy from a limited # of charges. Most items just require a double-click in order to activate the effect (wands and staves must be held). Weapons, however, produce any offensive effect upon a successful strike against an opponent, while armor, clothing and jewelry are activated as a result of being worn (every time the article is put on 1 charge is expended)-- they are also limited by charges.

Prefix Effect
Silver Double Damage vs. Undead (no charges)
Suffix Spell Effect
Burning Magic Arrow
Daemon's Breath Fireball
Dragon's Breath Fireball
Evil Curse
Ghoul's Touch Paralyze
Mage's Bane Mana Drain
Spell Reflection Magic Reflection
Thunder Lightning
Wounding Harm
Cursed Magic Items

Some equipable magical items that seem to be enchanted with a spell that would normally increase your own stats or decrease an opponents' will confer a negative effect upon its wearer. For example, a weapon of Feeblemindedness may cause the effects of the Feeblemind spell to take place upon its owner while worn, instead of casting the spell at a targeted enemy. Another example would be a gorget of Strength that would, instead of raising its wearer's strength, lower their dexterity.