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So, you've realised that you are enjoying the server so much that you now longer have space to store all of your special items, possibly even want to sell any unwanted, duplicate or crafted items? We you have come to the right place. So, lets go!

Getting Started

Firstly, your going to need some kind of shop (see the Architect, most towns have one. In Britain, you can find one East of the entrance to Lord British's Castle gates), ideally with an easy to access location, though this is not imperetive if, for example, you are selling the rarer or more uncommon items (though a good location is suggested). You could always give/share runes to your shop.

Tip: Also advertise your shop location on the Discord channel "vendor-advertisement". Maybe even post an update or two, to let people know the new items you are adding.

Right, so, now you need your vendor. To get one, visit your local Innkeeper. You can find the one in Britain at this location.

Innkeeper Location in Britain Innkeeper The item that you need to buy from the Innkeeper is a "Contract of Employment"; typically around 1,800gp.

Placing Your Vendor

Once you have your contract, return to your shop and stand at the exact location that you wish to place your vendor, then, double click the Contract to place your vendor. If you attempt to place your vendor on your main house, you may be greeted with this message. Try in another location, with less secured/locked items

Now you have you vendor placed. Congratulations! The vendor will start with 1000gp. This will potentially keep your vendor happy to work for you, for a while, but, dependent on the amount of items, or the value to which you wish to sell your items, this will only keep your vendor happy for so long.

To keep your vendor "employed", you must pay him a daily wage. You can find his daily charge (both earth and UO days - pay special attention to earth days; you live here, your vendors do not) by double-clicking your vendor.

To increase your vendors willingness to stay for longer periods, you must pay him gold. You can do this by dragging gold from your bank/backpack and dropping it on the vendor.

If at any point your vendor funds out of funding (wages), they will shut up shop and vanish from all existence, but don't worry!, the items they held will be returned to a container within your bank.

Shop Keeper Functions

Customising Your Vendor

To customise your vendor, double-click them and select "Customize". Here you can choose from a variety of clothing/equipped items for your vendor. The colour section is yet to be reworked, so you cannot choose the colour of the item (but you can select the same item to cycle through possibilities).

Customise Your Vendor

By clicking "Shop Details", you can set the name of the shop, for that particular vendor (who knows, you may have more, for particular item types). The shop name that you set will preceed the vendors name (which players will see as they pass or approach). The shop type setting function is currently a works in progress, so setting this currently, has no function/effect.

Adding Items For Sale

- After you have double clicked your vendor and have the vendor gump on your display, you will see a "see goods" option. Clicking this will open a metal chest. Simply drag the items from your storage (bank/backpack) and drop inside the chest. You will then see a message to set the value at which you wish to sell. If you want to sell the item for 20,000gp, then type in 20000 and hit enter. You can click the item inside the chest to check the value set. If you mistyped, simply remove the item (place outside of the chest) and place it back in to repeat the process.

Vendor Commands

  • Gold
- So, your vendor has made lots of sales (don't forget to restock those fast selling items) and now you wish to collect the gold? Type "vendor gold", or the name of the vendor followed by gold, e.g. "Chase Gold". They will then ask you how much gold you wish to retrieve. Type the sum and hit enter, e.g. 40000. The gold is then sent to your bank.
  • Close the shop
- Not happy with your vendor or changed your mind about their location and want to move shop? To close the vendor, say vendor dismiss or the vendors name preceeded by dismiss, e.g. Chase dismiss. Again, don't worry, all items currently held by the vendor will be returned to you. You will find them within a container, within your bank.