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You can't recall or gate between Felucca and the Lost Lands. You need to use the passages.

Abandon all Hope... Dungeons are to an adventurer what flour is to a Cook, what a panther is to an Animal Trainer... or what a metal-bound, locked chest is to a Thief. It is the first real challenge that will prove your mettle. It is the best opportunity for a lucrative day's work. It is the most fun, and also the most dangerous, way to spend a sunny afternoon.


Cities & Towns


Lost Lands

Cities and Towns



Felucca Coordinates Magic Words The Lost Lands Coordinates Magic Words
Ice Dungeon 5875,147,25 Ice Area 5208,2322,32
Yew's Prison 311,786 The Lighthouse 5673,2390,60
Fire Dungeon 5790,1415,42 Desert 5758,2907,16
Marble Island 1988,2063,-4 West of Terathan Keep 5127,3143,98
Moonglow Encyclopedia Magicka 4545,851,30 recdu Papua's Tricks of the Trade 5736,3196,10 recsu
Britain's Sewers 6140,1432,4 Swamps (East of Papua) 6075,3332,2
Vesper's Cemitery 2777,895,-23 Graveyard (South of Papua) 5696,3658
Minoc's North Cave 2400,199 East of Graveyard 6087,3675,15
Trinsic's Southeast Mountain 1629,3321 Delucia 6003,1378,1
Temple Island 2494,3576,5 Temple, South of Delucia 5906,4068,26
Trinsic's Serpent's Pillars 2980,2893,-2 doracron Serpent's Pillar, East of Ophidian Lair 5979,2694,-2 sueacron
Jhelom's Serpent's Pillar 429,3281,-2 doracron Serpent Pillar, West of Ophidian Lair 5265,2751,-2 sueacron

Note: Serpent's Pillars are currently not functional