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In UO, Reputation is the title given on your paperdoll. It is based on a two variable system: Karma and Fame.

Your reputation can matter greatly in some specific circumstances. For example, most NPCs will not interact with characters that have the lowest level of karma.

Reputation replaced the earlier notoriety system, which was less complex but subject to certain oddities. However, the term "notoriety" survives in some circles, for example, the out-of-date phrase noto killer remains in fairly common use.


Main articles: Fame and Karma Your karma and fame combination determine what your title is. Here is a table of them all.

Karma\Fame < 1,250 < 2,500 < 5,000 < 10,000 10,000+
10,000+ Trustworthy Estimable Great Glorious Glorious Lord/Lady
< 10,000 Honest Commendable Famed Illustrious Illustrious Lord/Lady
< 5,000 Good Honorable Admirable Noble Noble Lord/Lady
< 2,500 Kind Respectable Proper Eminent Eminent Lord/Lady
< 1,000 Fair Upstanding Reputable Distinguished Distinguished Lord/Lady
< 500 && > -500 [None] Notable Prominent Renowned [None] Lord/Lady
< -1,250 Rude Disreputable Notorious Infamous Dishonored Lord/Lady
< -2,500 Unsavory Dishonorable Ignoble Sinister Sinister Lord/Lady
< -5,000 Scoundrel Malicious Vile Villainous Dark Lord/Lady
< -10,000 Despicable Dastardly Wicked Evil Evil Lord/Lady
-10,000+ Outcast Wretched Nefarious Dread Dread Lord/Lady