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There is no requirement to roleplay nor is there any rule against it on this shard. Roleplaying has deep roots in the Ultima Online community and people from all walks of life partake. Popular examples of common roleplay across many different shards include :

  • Bloodrock Clan Orcs
  • Paladins of Trinsic
  • Shadowrock Clan Orcs
  • Blackrock Clan Orcs
  • Yew Human Alliance
  • etc,.

Often times these groups will arrange to have battles with one another.

If you want to start a RP guild and develop a story line here is some tips for new and veteran role-players alike

Roleplaying 101

The first step in the wonders of Role playing is to get past Newbieness.

A) Learn how to do as much as you can, so you are not always asking other players how to: questions. Visit Origin’s update center often to learn changes in the game that might affect the way you play.

B) Get the feel of the game overall, fight a few battles, die a few times. talk to some people. Play around with the macros, and learn how to use them effectively.

C) While you are still a “newbie”, try talking to people without discussing technical questions, bugs, PKing or cheating (its hard not to, but it can be done) or even discussing skill percentages. Keep your character to yourself, don’t let anyone know how good / bad you are. Apart from what they can see on your paper doll don’t let anyone in. It’s just not good role playing … like if you’ve ever played D&D, you would know what I’m talking about. Only two people know … the DM (dungeon master) and you. Don’t let anyone know what your skill levels are. It gets annoying to see people saying in town “I HAVE 88% blacksmith!!”. It would be better to say ( if you were an arrogant blacksmith ) “I am the greatest blacksmith ever to walk the streets of Vesper, ye (meaning “all of you”) would be wise to purchase my weapons, for they shalt not fail ye in battle.”

D) Try to kill the internet lingo as much as possible. e.g.. the smiley faces, :) :( ,etc.. LOL.. brb.

1) However in times of crisis, and battle, one does not want to take the time to type out “be right back” when one’s life is at stake. So shorthand does have its place in the game of UO. You should never actually try to role play in situations where you simply can not. If you are alone, in a battle, dungeon crawling, or other hard to role play situations: don’t. You’ll probably get yourself killed. Role playing is like the icing on the cake, use it to your advantage for fun.

E) use emote messages instead * like this * e.g. * smiles *, * farts * ,etc….If you can do this for one hour or so, you have hereby graduated past newbie, and you are ready to go on to bigger and better Role Playing techniques.

Why should we role play anyhow?

The only reason anyone should role play is to have fun. Ultima Online is a game after all, and we play games to have fun. If you aren’t having fun roleplaying then you shouldn’t do it. But the bottom line is roleplaying is a way for you to develop your own character and a personality that is not your own. The internet completely allows you to screen your true personality from others. Use the anonymous nature of the internet to your advantage. This is part of roleplaying.

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