Treasure Maps

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Treasure maps (TMAPS) are loot found on monsters from all around Sosoria. There are five different types of TMAP to be found, the stronger the monster, the better the Treasure Map, the better the loot! Each treasure map requires a different level of cartography skill. Mining is also used to make finding the treasure chest easier by allowing the player to dig a certain amount of squares from the treasure itself. If you have 0.0 Mining you will need to dig on the exact location of the treasure.

Treasure Map
Plainly Drawn Treasure Map Minimum Skill Required
Adeptly Drawn Treasure Map To be confirmed
Expertly Drawn Treasure Map To be confirmed
Cleverly Drawn Treasure Map To be confirmed
Deviously Drawn Treasure Map To be confirmed
Ingeniously Drawn Treasure Map To be confirmed

Finding your Treasure

Once you have your TMAP in hand and have the required skill to decipher it its time to get your trusty tools, these are a Shovel or Pickaxe, Lockpicks and a Sextant. (Pro Tip: If you use a Shovel you can keep your weapon of choice equiped while you dig) Once all the above is obtained you can start looking for the treasure. When a TMAP is deciphered a GUMP will appear (Pictured Below) and will display a red skull and crossbones marking the general location of the treasure and at the bottom of the GUMP will be the Treasure Coords. Once near the general area of your treasure use the Sextant to find your exact location, match it to the coords from the gump and use your Shovel/Pickaxe on the exact location of the treasure. If you have the Mining skill you will be able to dig in the general area of the treasure and succesfully find it.


Digging up Your Chest

Once you have located the spot your TMAP displays and have mined that area your character will start digging!


This will create soil patches and can take anywhere from 1-120 seconds to complete. Once you have successfully recovered your treasure chest Guardian monsters will spawn. You must defeat each of these to be able to access your treasure chest.


Once all Guardian monsters have been slain its time to pick the lock on your treasure chest (After all who bury's a open treasure chest?), for this you will need the skill Lockpicking. Once the chest has been successfully picked its time to disable the trap (Thats right theres more!). All TMAP chests are trapped and if you try to open them without removing the trap they explode causing significant damage to you (Pro Tip: Always make sure your at full health if you decide you want to open your chest without removing the trap), you can deactivate a trap using the Remove Trap skill.

As soon as your locks are picked and your traps disarmed its time to loot your treasure! There is a wide variety of treasure available including Skill Jewelery. (Pro Tip: Moving items inside the treasure chest may trigger another guardian monster to spawn, you must defeat the creature in order to continue looting!)