Bulk Order Deeds

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Bulk order deeds or Bods for short are acquired from saying "Bulk order deed" to the appropriate crafting NPC. The minimum skill requirement in the craft of which Bod you wish to receive has to be 60.0

Once you have used "Bulk order deed" on desired NPC you will be offered a Bod , you can choose to accept or decline. If you decline a deed you will have to wait a further 5 hours before you are eligible to receive another Bod offer. Bulk order deeds come in a variety of combinations; Amount of items required - 10/15/20/25 The type of material required - Ore,Wood,Cloth and any Item from their respective craft. All items have to be of exceptional quality to be accepted

Once you have fulfilled your Bod you can return to the NPC and drag and drop to receive your reward, you can ask the NPC for another Bod once you have handed a fulfilled order in. Maximum amount of Bods you can receive is 12 per each craft over 24 hours.

The table below shows rewards available for each different craft.

  • Rewards Table Coming soon *

There are specific items for each craft that will endow the wearer with improved skill in the corresponding skill. See Unique Magic Items and Skill Jewelery