How to Install Ultima Online on Linux

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Downloading Ye Olde Sphere Client

You will need to download the zipped client files from the Ye Olde Sphere's downloads page.

Download the from here

Extract these files to a desired location.

Classic UO

Classic UO is an open source Ultima Online client that runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Downloading the Classic UO Client

To play without using wine or other virtualisation options, download the Classic UO files from their main page.

Download the zip from here

Extract these files to another desired location.

Setting Up a Classic UO Profile

Setting up a profile in Classic UO let's you connect to Ye Olde Sphere. To begin, press the gears next to the drop down menu.

Press the gears to begin setting up a profile

Start by adding a new profile, and calling it whatever you want. "Ye Olde Sphere" is a good, memorable choice.

You can start by giving your profile a name to remember

Under "Server IP", type or copy in the following:

The "Port" is: 2593

Under "UO path" browse to the folder where you extracted the files from earlier.

Doing this will give you an error. For now, just ignore it.

Lastly, type in the "Client version":

Doing so should remove the error that was given earlier.

Save the profile, and the client is now ready to launch.


If you don't hear the music in your game, make sure that the folder music under the game files is renamed to Music .

The reason for this is how Classic UO, at the time of writing, is case sensitive in how it looks for this folder.