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Skill Titles

Skill titles consist of two parts, the first indicates the level of competence, the second is the professional title.

You can find the professional title inside the skill's page.

Skill Title Base Skill Needed
Grandmaster 100
Master 90
Adept 80
Expert 70
Journeyman 60
Apprentice 50
Novice 40
Neophyte 30
No Title 29 or below

Available Skills


Combat Ratings


Lore & Knowledge

Skill Gains

Visual graph of how gains work when raising skills
Skill Value Modifier (%)
0 - 29.9 0
30 - 60.9 25
61 - 90.9 50
91 - 100 75

In order to increase your proficiency in a skill, you need to use that skill, the more you use it, the better you become.

The way you get gains to raise your ability follows a simple inversion formula.

The idea is: if you have 25% skill, then you have a 75% chance of gain, if you have 70% skill then you have a 30% chance of gain.

There are, however, 3 difficulty modifiers, as you can see in the table.

The minimum value for a gain is a 0.1 value%.

Note: For crafting skills, you can only get gains if you're crafting items that do not have a 100% success chance