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I got to thinkin', what it was in life that was important. I mean, my father, he's a good man and all, but he spent all his time in the pasture. He was a shepherd, you see. He didn't want much but to spend a life in peace, keeping his sheep safe, and his family fed and healthy. He didn't aspire to much fame or success. That was his way of saying he loved us — I see that now. But that's a difficult concept for a young lad to understand. I wanted him to give us money; I guess all kids do.

So I became a fighter. You can be more independent, don't have to deal much with people if you don't want to. You can get bags of gold, go on lots of adventures, and have a fighting chance at killing anyone who annoys you. That's why I became a Warrior.

– Demuel Longarm

Tactics is one of the Skills. and is a damage modifier. It is effective with all Weapon Skill.

Anatomy and Strength also affect the damage one can inflict

Not all of the Base Damage will necessarily go through and strike an opponent. Actual % of the Base Damage that is dealt is determined by the table below. Anywhere from 50% to 150% of the Base Damage will go through, depending on the Tactics skill of the Attacker. Tactics Modifiers to Damage Dealt

FORMULA: % of Base Damage that is Dealt= Tactics + 50

Tactics --/--  % of Base Damage Dealt

10 -------------- 60%

20 -------------- 70%

30 -------------- 80%

40 -------------- 90%

50 -------------- 100%

60 -------------- 110%

70 -------------- 120%

80 -------------- 130%

90 -------------- 140%

100 -------------- 150%